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Hula skirts and leis that shimmer and shake. Wiggle away in hula skirts. Natural raffia and economy hula skirts in an array of sizes and styles. The Hawaiian dance isn't complete without tropical hula skirts. Poolside or beachside grass hula skirts and floral leis for tropical theme parties. As the island beat keeps rythmn with the fireside luau your guests will be fully adorned with the attire of tropics and ready to feast on the roasted treats. A full tiki bar pours fruity concoctions to welcome them into island time. The heat of summer brings out dreams of the cool ocean breezes and boat drinks. Rainbow printed hawaiian dress and shirts hit the dance floor in full stride. Sandals shuffle accross sand covered floorboards and open wood decks. Beachwear, swimwear and drawstring pants only add to the parade of tropical resort fashion.

Hula Skirts

Hula Skirts Mama

Complete with hula skirts this island mama is ready
to please. A hefty hunk of Hawaiian love headed to
your luau. Colorful skimpy top with far too much
sexy 'skin' showing. Body suit only, no accessories.
No Express, 2nd or 3rd Day Shipping.

(54793) $56

Cheap Hula Skirts

Supply the entire island with hula skirts. Only sold in bulk
these fill the order for quantity penny pinching kahunas.
Wholesale hula skirts are the large luau connection.
Available in natural island tan for adult sizes and youth
teen size Grass Skirts Multi-Rainbow.
No Express, Only Ground Shipping On Bulk Items.

1 Doz. Tan (32RND) $45       1 Doz. Multi (32RD) $28

3 Doz. Tan (32RNT) $120        3 Doz. Multi (32RT) $80

6 Doz. Tan (32RNS) $220      6 Doz. Multi (32RS) $155


Kehana Island

Artfully artificial and inexpensive 30" length in natural
tan and adjustable velcro waist up to 30". Shake up the
pineapple people with this volcanic deal. Nice & Full!

Economy 1pc. (8791) $7

Economy Doz. (8792) $70

Economy 6 Doz. (8796) $285


Kids Grass Hula Skirts

Children's sizes so the tots can join in on the luau
fun. Adjustable velcro fastening in two new childs
sizes. Adorable length in natural tan and playfully
full. Bulk and volume wholesale priced for large
birthday parties and childrens luaus. The Small
Tot size 12" length fits a waist up to 22". Our
Med. Child's style will amply fit up to a 27" waist
and is a full 18" long.

1 Pc. (978P) $NA                1 Pc. (977P) $6

1 Doz. (978D) $NA           1 Doz. (977D) $60

12 Doz. (978G) $NA       12 Doz. (977G) $570

Waikiki Floral

Colorful flowers wrap the hips of this artificial 30"
nylon grass skirt and adjustable waistband up to 30".
Just enough lava heat to liven up your luau attire
without breaking the coconuts.

1pc. (7861) $6

Doz. (7862) $65

2 Doz. (7863) $120

12 Doz. (7864) $575


Fire Leaf

Take a hit of the islands mon. An interesting 420 take
on the original Hawaiian punch. Streaming strands of
tropical flowers mixed with a delightful shower of flora.
30" of greenery with an adjustable waist up to.

1pc. (9701) $8

Doz. (9702) $84

5 Doz. (9705) $430

Natural Raffia

Natural material for the true island effect. Flame retardant
so you can keep your fire walking appointment and impress
those wahines. The natural palm raffia is what you want for
the realsitic and natural island look.

1pc. (7861) $8

Doz. (7862) $84

Coconut Top

What a lovely pair of coconuts. Real tropical
coconut bra top just like the islanders wear.

1 Pc. (950) $6

1 Doz. (950D) $48

Coconut Bra Top

Foam coconut top for a little extra room &
a realistic appeal. Light wieght and oh so
comfortable for the wearer. Great new style
for an 'Au Natural' look.

1 Pc. (952) $4

1 Doz. (952D) $36

2 Doz. (952T) $48

Shell Top

Collected from the sea floor attractive
shell tops keep exposure to a minimum.
White plastic shells and string ties.

(1700) $9

Leaf Bra Top

Fresh jungle look for tropical costumes. Foliage
bra top to add some greenery to your hula steps.
Great for hula girls, mermaids and Jungle Jane.

1 Pc. (8760) $6

Coconut Purse

Handcrafted from a real polished coconut. Each one is cleverly fashioned into a unique, compact tropical purse. Fabric lined with a drawstring chamber to carry all your night out necessities. A secure tight zipper seals in your valuables, for a worry free trip about town. Small, casual and a perfect match to all of our beachwear.

(333) $8

Hawaiian Leis

Hawaiian Leis

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